Do you want to create vivid, engaging presentations? This is the future.

Welcome to AI Producer – a solution where everyone can make vivid, engaging presentations, webinars, or education in Microsoft Teams – whether you work in IR, HR, sales and marketing, or education. Creating presentations or broadcasts has, until now, required advanced technology and experts in making professional productions. With AI Producer, no extra staff or technology is needed.

AI Producer is changing the way we look at video production. Suddenly, with a few clicks, anyone can become a broadcaster.

Why AI Producer?

AI Producer makes it easy to create professional presentations and broadcasts without technical skills or vast resources. Communicate to a small or large audience with a presentation or broadcast that is interesting and vivid – or enhance the experience of a recorded meeting.


  • AI Producer has a natural place in your everyday workspace.
  • Fully automated and easy to use.
  • Keeps viewers engaged and focused.
  • All you need is Teams, AI Producer, and your laptop.
  • Anyone can create their own professional production in just a few clicks.
  • Play high-quality video from anywhere, regardless of limitations in local bandwidth

  • No production staff or technical expertise is needed.

Completely integrated with Microsoft Teams

  • Integrated with Microsoft Teams as a meeting extension.
  • Preset Production formats that suit your needs.
  • Brand your broadcast with a logo and background.
  • AI Producer will automatically create a vivid and engaging broadcast.
  • Viewers can follow the broadcast in another Teams meeting, Teams webinar, LinkedIn, or a distribution platform of your choice – or archive it to your OneDrive.

AI Producer can be used in many ways, and in various situations – you set the limits.

Create product launches, brand experiences, town hall forums, financial reporting, onboarding events, education, team briefings – or give an enhanced experience of a recorded meeting. It’s easy with AI Producer. No matter where you work in the company – AI Producer can benefit your, and the company’s, presentations – and makes broadcasting a breeze. Wherever you work, whether in Communications, HR, Finance, Sales, Management, Product development – yes, anywhere in the company – you can use AI Producer to achieve more engagement and interest from your audience.

AI Producer will help you keep your viewers engaged and interested with vivid productions. Probably there are endless ways to use AI Producer – your imagination is the limit. And it’s easy – anyone can become a broadcaster.

A way to capture the audience and increase the engagement of internal meetings, town hall forums, client presentations, etc.
Makes financial reporting more interesting and appealing to investors, board, and other stakeholders.
Enhance the experience of onboarding. Use it as a part of your educational tools to inform in an engaging way.
Gives a whole new experience to distance education. Engaging the students in a way that hasn't been possible before, and fully aligned with the highest demands on personal integrity.
Marketing & Communications
Support the organization with attractive ways to build a more robust internal and external brand experience, and by implementing compelling presentations and product launches.
Make a more substantial impact in sales meetings, from get-to-know-the-product to sophisticated product demonstrations that stand out. Attract your audience with exciting professional webinars.
Give a strong influence in meetings and presentations – or use AI Producer as a tool to enhance Microsoft Teams meetings in a striking fashion.