Slideshow tips

Small adjustments that make a huge difference. 

A slideshow is often central to a presentation, and it is an efficient way to increase engagement and interest in the subject. But we have all seen many slideshows that are the opposite. They don’t catch the essence, and they are hard to follow. Here are some tips on how you can improve your slideshow.

Limit the content

A common mistake is to literally read out loud what is on the slideshow. It is an efficient way to lose interest. Instead, show important keywords or short phrases that help emphasize what is essential.
If the slides are too text-heavy, it is hard to know if I should try to read, and then I miss what you are saying, or vice versa. Limit the content and apply the 2-4-8 rule. Show a slide not longer than 2 minutes, limit each slide to 4 points, and each text line has a maximum of 8 words.

Adapt the text size

Your audience will have different sizes of their screens. Use a readable text size, even on a small screen.

Use a consistent layout

Be consistent with the placement of your logo, titles, text boxes, and bullet points, so they align when you change slides. It gives a calm, professional impression.

Colors that enhance your message

Choose a color palette that is relevant to the subject. Use colors that complement each other and avoid excessively bold colors.

Visualize with graphs and charts

Mix it up! If possible, give the slideshow a flow using graphs and charts instead of text.

Empty spaces give relief

If you want full attention to your slides, allow for empty spaces. It makes it more exciting and easier to focus on the information.

No blurry images

First, make sure you have the right to use the content, for instance, images, videos, and music. Second, avoid low-resolution images. They will look blurry and less professional. Try to find high-resolution images with good quality.

Using sound? Allow sound when sharing

​If you are using sound in the slideshow, from a sound file or a video, make sure you click the ‘Insert computer sound’ option at the top right corner when you share your slideshow in Teams.