How to set up a Teams Live Event – a step-by-step guide

This step-by-step guide show you how to set up an AI Producer meeting and broadcast it to your audience at a Teams Live Event.

Create the Teams Live Meeting

First of all, you need to create the Teams Live Event.

You start by going to your Microsoft Teams Calendar and selecting the ‘New meeting’ arrow down.

Choose Live event

Then choose ‘Live event.’

Name your event

Name your event and enter start and stop times for your broadcast. Click ‘Next.’


In this stage, you will choose Live event permissions for your broadcast. To be able to broadcast with AI Producer you need to select ‘An external app or device.’ Click schedule.

Attendee link

Click ‘Get attendee link’ to copy it.

Then paste the link somewhere to share or send it to your future audience as a calendar invite.

Then click ‘Join.’

Copy link

Here you need to copy the ‘Server ingest URL.’ You will soon paste this into AI Producer settings to make the connection between your broadcast in AI producer and Teams Live Event. DO NOT click the ‘Start setup button’ unless your meeting starts shortly. Return to Calendar (click ‘Calendar’ icon.)

Create a meeting with AI Producer

Now it is time to schedule the meeting from where you will make the broadcast supported by AI Producer. This is where you and your attendees will be during the broadcast, and your viewers will see it on Teams Live Event.

Schedule the meeting

Add a title and meeting attendees who will participate in the broadcast. If you create a broadcast by yourself, add your own email address as an attendee.

Select the date and time for the broadcast.

Close the new meeting window by clicking ‘Send.’

Re-open the meeting

Re-open the window to the meeting you just created to Edit it.

Add the AI Producer app

At the top of the meeting window, select the plus (+) symbol to add an app to the meeting.

Choose the AI Producer app

Click the AI Producer icon to choose it.

Add the AI Producer app

Invite the AI Producer app by clicking ‘Add.’

Invite the AI Producer app

Click ‘Save’ to invite AI Producer to the meeting.

Select a Production Format

Now it is time to choose Production settings.

Select your preferred preset Production Format.

Select Presenters

  1. Select the attendees that will participate as a Presenter
  2. Assign attendees as Producer or Participant
  3. Edit the name and title of each Presenter
  4. Drag and drop Presenters to rearrange their position in the Broadcast

Branding your broadcast

Brand your broadcast by adding a logo and background. These will be displayed during the broadcast.

Select Production Tempo

Selecting Production Tempo will determine the speed between each transition from Split-screen, Side-by-side view, and Focus modes during the broadcast.

Select Broadcast Destination

The Broadcast Destination is where the viewers will watch the broadcast. Click the ‘Teams Live Event’ button.

Then paste the ‘Server ingest URL’ that you got from the Teams Live Event. Then click ‘Next.’

Check your settings and save

Review your settings, and select ‘OK’ to save.

You have added AI Producer to a meeting

You have now successfully added AI Producer to a meeting in Teams, and you have connected your future broadcast to Teams Live Event. Click ‘Close,’ and you will be returned to the Teams Calendar again. 

When it is time for the broadcast, please follow the steps below.

Join the Live event

Before broadcasting, ‘Join’ the live event in the Calendar again, and click ‘Start setup’ to prepare the event.

Getting ready

The event is getting ready.

The Live Event is ready to connect

Now the Teams Live Event is ready. 

Join the AI Producer meeting

Return to your calendar and Join the meeting prior to the scheduled start time.

Choose your video and audio options

Ensure that your camera and microphone are enabled.

Share your content

To share content, first, click the ‘Share content’ button. Make sure that the content you are about to share in the meeting is ready, for instance, a PowerPoint presentation. Share your content by using Screen or Window.

Please note: PowerPoint Live is currently not supported.

Select AI Producer

The AI Producer tab is previously set up and selectable. Select it to enter the Control Room.

Admit AI Producer into the meeting

Before starting the broadcast, AI Producer will attend the meeting as a guest. Click ‘Admit.’

Check preview

A couple of seconds after that AI Producer is admitted to the meeting, the preview of the broadcast changes to a count down to the broadcast, and you are then transmitting to Teams Live Event.

Start the event in Teams Live Event

Go back to the Teams Live Event and click ‘Start Event’ to connect your broadcast. Make sure that you can see that the same preview is shown in the Teams Live Event as in the AI producer meeting.

Start the Broadcast

Shortly before the scheduled start time, AI Producer will be ready to start producing, and the ‘Start Broadcast’ button will become active.

When you are ready to go live, click ‘Start Broadcast.’

You are live and broadcasting

The broadcast status will change to ‘Status: Live.’ When you want to stop broadcasting, click ‘Stop Broadcast’ in the AI Producer Control Room, and end the event on the broadcast destination.

Live on Teams Live Event

The broadcast is now live, and your audience can see it via Teams Live Event.

After the Broadcast

The broadcast has now ended, and all attendees may leave the Teams meeting. View the production on the chosen Broadcast Destination.