The AI Producer settings

To set up a broadcast with AI Producer, proceed through the following settings after adding AI Producer to a Teams meeting as an extension app.

Preset Production Formats

AI Producer has five preset production formats to facilitate your production: ‘Presentation’, ‘Talk Show’, and ‘Panel Discussion’. Certain plans also include Education, Product Demonstration, and Custom Layouts.

Presentation – optimized for one speaker at a time.

Panel Discussion – supports several participants and a shared screen.

Product Demo – optimized for one speaker a time with two cameras.

Talk Show – supports several participants.

Education – designed to be aligned to GDPR, assuring that students are anonymous in the broadcast.

You find more about the five preset formats here:

In each of the five Preset Production Formats, AI Producer uses different ways of presenting the broadcast:

Side-by side

Side-by-side: The screen is divided between the Presenters and the shared screen.


Split-screen: All Presenters are shown with the shared screen.

Focus mode, Presenter

Focus mode,
shared screen

Focus mode: The whole screen is dedicated to the Presenter or the shared screen of the Presenter.


A company logo and background can be selected when setting up AI Producer. They can also be changed during an ongoing broadcast.
The company background will be displayed behind the video and shared screen frames during the broadcast. 

Selected logos and backgrounds can be added by you, or your AI Producer Administrator, (depending on your group settings) and will be shown in the broadcast. Select a logo in PNG format with a transparent background for optimal production results.

The company background picture needs to be in the format of 1920×1080 pixels (16:9). It should not contain too many graphical details.

The company logotype is in a dedicated area with a format of 280×80 pixels.

Please notice that your Administrator may limit logos and backgrounds to a certain selection of images.

Production tempo

The Production tempo determines the speed between each transition from split-screen, side-by-side view, and focus modes during the broadcast.

Slow – for detailed presentations

The shared screen will mostly be in focus. Suitable when details of the shared screen are most important.​

Medium – fits most productions

Even balance between speakers and shared screen. Suitable for most events.​

Fast – perfect for high energy events

Transitions will occur more frequently. Suitable for higher energy events.

Select Presenters

All added participants of the Teams meeting are selectable as Presenters. A participant selected as a Presenter, will be included in the broadcast. AI Producer currently supports up to four Presenters to be selected at one time. Presenters can also be selected and deselected from within the Control Room during an ongoing production. 

Per default, all meeting participants but the organizer, will be assigned a Participant role. Participants have limited ability to manage the broadcast from within the Control Room. All attendees can be assigned a Producer role, allowing them to manage the broadcast from within the Control Room.

Name Overlay on each Presenter 

When a Presenter is included in the broadcast, it is possible to include a name overlay. The name overlay appears when a Presenter is first visible in the broadcast, and again during the broadcast at times that most suit the production. The name overlay supports three lines of text, including for example the Presenters name, title, and region. The overlay contents can be edited from within AI Producer Settings when selecting Presenters.

Select a Broadcast Destination

When setting up AI Producer, a broadcast destination must be selected by the user. This determines where the broadcast will be viewed by the audience, and where the broadcast file shall be saved. 

Another Teams Meeting 

When enabled, meeting organizers will be able to select Another Teams Meeting as a Broadcast Destination. Either an existing Meeting URL can be pasted as a destination ingest URL, a New Meeting can be created as the viewer Meeting, or the user can select an existing Meeting from the user’s Teams Calendar.  When ‘Create new’ is selected as a destination, a visual confirmation will appear including the title of the newly created viewer Meeting.

Another Teams Webinar

When enabled, AI Producer users will be able to select Another Teams Webinar as a Broadcast Destination. Either an existing Webinar URL can be pasted as a destination ingest URL, a New Webinar can be created as the viewer Webinar, or the user can select an existing Webinar from the destination menu. When ‘Create new’ is selected as a destination, a visual confirmation will appear including the title of the newly created viewer Webinar.

Save broadcast to OneDrive

Users can save a broadcast to their OneDrive folder by selecting   ́Save to OneDrive ́. The broadcast will be saved as a .mp4 file to the user’s OneDrive, within the folder titled ‘AI Producer’. Any meeting attendee assigned with a Producer role can archive the broadcast to their own OneDrive. However, the broadcast can only be saved to one of the user’s OneDrive. The first Producer who has selected ‘Save to OneDrive’ will receive the file. Other meeting attendees can access the Settings Overview to see which Producer has selected ‘Save to OneDrive’, this is identified with a OneDrive icon next to the Producer’s name. Users who do not intend to broadcast live can select Save to OneDrive as only destination.

External destinations using RTMP or RTMPS 

Users can broadcast to an external destination such as Teams Live Event, Yammer, or any other video platform supporting RTMP or RTMPS ingest. When selecting an external destination, it is important to schedule the broadcast on the external platform for the same time as the AI Producer meeting. Please note: A second process to start the live broadcast for the viewers, may need to be selected on the external destination.