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1. Introduction

LiveArena Broadcast is built on Microsoft Azure to ensure a scalable, redundant and geographically distributed service. LiveArena Broadcast is a turnkey end-to-end service for live, linear and on-demand TV.

This document describes the various elements that constitute the LiveArena Broadcast service (“Service”).

2. Requirements

2.1 Azure Media Service Account

The Service requires an Azure account with Azure Media Services and Azure Storage enabled. The Azure account associated with LiveArena Broadcast is necessary for delivering and storing video.

2.2 Internet connection

In order to ingest video to Azure Media Services, an Internet connection with an upstream capacity of at least 5Mbps is recommended. If the Internet connection is protected by a firewall, the firewall has to allow outbound traffic over port 1935 to the Azure datacenter where the Azure Media Service account is created.

2.3 System requirements

2.3.1 Video Management

The LiveArena Broadcast web based administration interface requires a PC or Mac running the latest versions of Microsoft  Edge, Internet Explorer 9,10 or 11, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari.

2.3.2 Video Portal and Apps

The Video Portal included in every LiveArena Broadcast subscription requires the viewer to have a PC or Mac running the latest versions of Microsoft  Edge, Internet Explorer 9,10 or 11, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari. Mobile devices running iOS, Android, Windows 10 Mobile are also supported through both built-in browsers and custom built apps provided by LiveArena.

3. LiveArena Broadcast

3.1 Subscription tiers

The LiveArena Broadcast service is offered in three subscription tiers. All subscriptions include all the tools and features you need to start your own TV Channel via web or mobile.

Subscriptions that include more than one channel have the ability to tailor content to different audiences, i.e. one consumer and one business to business channel. Content can also be aggregated between channels.

All subscriptions are made available on monthly basis The differences between to tiers (Channel, Station and Operator) of LiveArena Broadcast is illustrated below.



3.2 LiveArena Broadcast Features

3.2.1 Video on Demand Import

Upload video assets for transcoding and publishing. Metadata

Each VoD asset is required to have a Name. An optional Description may also be added. The Description can be formatted as HTML. The Name and Description are displayed in the Video Player, Video Portal and in Apps.

An optional cover image can also be added to a VoD asset for presentation in either a video iframe, event link, Video Portal or App interface. The recommended image aspect ratio is 16:9 with a recommended resolution of 1280x720 px. Should the image not meet these requirements, it will be scaled accordingly. If no cover image is added, a default image will be used. Publishing

Publish or un-publish VoD assets bases on date. Un-published VoD assets remain in the Storage account but are unavailable to viewers. Cropping

Crop VoD assets to alter start or end times. Sub-clipping

Extract multiple VoD segments from one VoD assets to create new independent assets. The source asset can be unpublished without affecting the segments. Bookmarks

Create bookmarks at a specific time in the video. The bookmarks are presented in the player and give an easy way of navigating to a specific event in the video. Download

All uploaded videos and archived live events can be downloaded from the LiveArena Adminstration page Subtitles

Generat subtitle files based on speech to text functionality. The subtitle files can be downloaded and custom subtitle files can be uploaded. Subtitles are presented in the player and viewer can choose if subtitles should be visible.

3.2.2 Live Scheduling

Schedule a start and end time of a Live event. LiveArena Broadcast will ensure that all necessary resources in Microsoft Azure are provisioned and available at the specified times. At the end of the broadcast, all Live resources in Microsoft Azure are de-provisioned. The Live event is automatically saved as a VoD asset for on-demand viewing. Metadata

Each Live event is required to have a Name. An optional Description may also be added. The Description can be formatted as HTML. The Name and Description are displayed in the Video Player, Video Portal and in Apps.

An optional cover image can also be added to a Live event for presentation in either a video iframe, event link, Video Portal or App interface. The recommended image aspect ratio is 16:9 with a recommended resolution of 1280x720 px. Should the image not meet these requirements, it will be scaled accordingly. If no cover image is added, a default image will be used.

3.2.3 Security

LiveArena Broadcast offers a number of security features to restrict access to and protect Live events and VoD assets. Password protection

Prompts a viewer to enter a pre-defined password in the Video player window in order to gain access to the content. Domain Restriction

Domain restrictions restrict the publishing of the LiveArena Broadcast Video player to a pre-determined domain URL. This is done to prevent unauthorized sharing of the Video player. IP Restrictions (Ingest, Preview and Viewing)

Defines an IP address or range of addresses from which video ingest, preview and viewing are allowed. IP addresses and ranges for ingest and preview can be defined separately from those which restrict viewing. AES Encryption

All Live events and VoD assets are encrypted using AES technology during distribution. Azure Active Directory authentication

LiveArena Broadcast supports Azure Active Directory synchronization for authentication and single sign-on.

3.2.4 Accounts (only applicable in certain subscription tiers)

In LiveArena Broadcast, it is possible to create a structure of main and sub-accounts. This allows for multiple levels of access, administration and consumption of the Channels in the service.

3.2.5 Users

Associated with an Account any number of administrational Users can be added. Users can be granted different rights and permissions to administarte LiveArena Broadcast.

3.2.6 Video iframe

For each live event, VoD asset and linear channel an iframe video player is created. The iframe video player is essentially an independent website that can be integrated into another website that supports insertion of HTML and JavaScript iframes.

3.2.7 Video asset and Linear channel direct link (Event Web Site)

For each Live event,  VoD asset and Linear Channel an independent website, with a unique URL, is created. If a custom logo and color schema is added to an Account this will be reflected on the single event website.

3.2.8 Video Portal (Web site)

With every Account in LiveArena Broadcast a Video Portal (web site) is included. The Video Portal, when turned on, aggregates all Live events, VoD-assets and, if applicable, a Linear Channels in one place. The Video Portal includes the following features: Access Restrictions

Viewers access to the Video Portal can be restricted in two ways. Either the viewer will need an account to access the Video Portal. If the viewer does not have an account they can be prompted to create one. Or the access to the Video Portal can be handled thru Active Directory credentials. In order to use this feature a Microsoft Active Directory has to be synced to the Video Portal using Azure Active Directory Synchronization. Billing

It is possible in the LiveArena Broadcast Video Portal or thru a video asset direct link to sell access to Live events, VoD-assets and Linear Channels. The built in billing function supports credit cards. If utilized a bank account for direct wiring has to be provided to LiveArena. Video Portal Branding and Customization

A Video Portal can be branded. Branding capabilities include:

  • Custom logo – add a logo to the Video Portal or Event Web Site

  • Custom colors – change button and text colors to match logo or brand identity

  • Banner – one banner (.jpg or.gif) can be added at the top of the Video Portal

  • Slide Show – the Video Portal has a section that can be populated with a slideshow. The slide show is divided in to two slides and can consist of any number of .jpg images that are automatically changed based on a pre-set interval.

  • Lists – Live events and VoD assets can be sorted in lists. Lists are based on pre-defined criterias added to a video asset.

  • Copy Right & Terms of Use – Information on copy right and terms of use can be added to the Video Portal

  • Support – an e-mail form or other means of contacting a support organization can be added to the Video Portal.

  • Menus – adds a link based navigation menu to the top of the Video Portal. The links can either point to a specific page in the Video Portal or an external URL.

  • Social Media Sharing – adds social media sharing buttons to each Live event and VoD-asset in the Video Portal. Supported social media plattforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, Yammer and Twitter. Custom URL

In LiveArena broadcast it is possible to change URL of the viewing portal to a URL owned ny the customer

3.2.9 Linear Channel

In a Linear Channel; Live events and VoD-assets can be scheduled to have a specific start times in a TV-like manner. When a viewer access a Video Portal or Event Web Site that has a linear channel, with a scheduled broadcast, the video will automatically start playing the video content according to the schedule. LiveArena Broadcast includes an easy to use calendar tool for scheduling content assets into a Linear Channel.

3.2.10 Products

In order to use the built in billing feature of LiveArena Broadcast a Product has to be created. Products can be created from individual or groups of Live events or VoD assets. Products can only be consumed in a Video Portal or thru an Event Web Site. Pay Per View (PPV)

Pay Per View or PPV is a basic form of Product. This feature gives a viewer access to a single Live event or VoD asset for configurable amount of time. Subscriptions

Subscriptions will give a viewer access to all or a selection of video assets under one Account for a defined period of time, normally one month. A subscription is automatically renew at the end of the term unless canceled by the subscriber. It is possible to set-up trial subscriptions starting with a free month. Packages

A Package will give a viewer access to one or more pre-defined Live events or VoD assets for a configurable period of time. Product Metadata

All Product can be given a descriptive Name and a text Description to describe what the Product includes. The Product Name and Description is presented to the viewer in the purchase flow of the LiveArena Broadcast Video Portal or Event Web Site. Currencies

LiveArena Broadcast supports a multitude of currencies, however each product can only have one currency per price. Vouchers

Vouchers can be generated in LiveArena Broadcast to give viewers discounts on products. A voucher can be set to give a discount of 0-100% on one purchase.

3.2.11 Reports

For each Live event and VoD asset Statistics are continuously gathered. Statistics are gathered on:

  • No. of Viewers over time

  • Total No. of viewers

  • Viewers by Country

  • Viewers by Device

  • Viewers by Browser

  • Viewers by Operating System

4. LiveArena Broadcast Add-on Services

In addition to video management and playback LiveArena Broadcast can be combined add-on’s provided by LiveArena.

4.1 LiveArena Broadcast Single Cam Production App

The LiveArena Broadcast Single Cam production app is simple to use application for one camera productions.

Minumum LiveArena Broadcast Single Cam app computer requirements are:

  • Windows 10

  • Intel Duo Core i5 (or similar)

  • USB 3.0

  • 4MB RAM

4.1.1 Features of the LiveArena Broadcast Single Cam production kit App Ticker

A small area at the top of the video window that can contain one line of text. Name tag

An overlay in the lower left hand corner of the video window including two lines of text, normally used to display name and title of a person talking in a broadcast. Volume Controll

The Volume Control adjusts the output audio level of a broadcast. Support Chat

The LiveArena Broadcast Single Cam  App has an integrated support application. Thru the support application a broadcaster can instantly get access to support. Big Overlay

An grey transparent overlay with three lines of text. Normally used during a break or before the live event starts. Score Board

A score board in the top right corner to show the current score in a game.

5. Infrastructure

LiveArena Broadcast is a multi-tenancy service built entirely on Microsoft Azure and Azure Media Services. Each Account in LiveArena Broadcast has to be associated with a Microsoft Azure account with Azure Media Services enabled. LiveArena Broadcast will manage provisioning and de-provisioning of necessary resources on the associated Microsoft Azure Media Services account. The Service is also where a broadcaster handles content management, Live event scheduling, VoD asset upload, metadata management, statistics and viewing.

Associated Microsoft Azure Media Services account is the property of a Customer to LiveArena Broadcast. The Azure Media Services account of the customer is used for storing and streaming video content.

5.1 System Updates

LiveArena Broadcast is continuously improved and updated. The service is updated approximately 10 times per year. Updates that are expected to be possible to perform  without downtime are not communicated in advance. Updates that are expected to result in service downtime are communicated to customers via e-mail in advance of an update.

The LiveArena Broadcast Single Cam Production App is also continuously updated and improved. The interval of updates to the App is less frequent than that of LiveArena Broadcast. Available updates to the App will be communicated to Customers via e-mail.

New releases to the Service and production App are communicated and presented on

5.2 Scaling

5.2.1 Scaling LiveArena Broadcast

LiveArena monitors and scales LiveArena Broadcast for optimal performance and availability of the service. LiveArena Broadcast is deployed to multiple datacenters in multiple geographical locations to bring datacenter endpoints closer to the customer and the customers viewers.

5.2.2 Scaling Azure Media Services

There is rarely any scaling of Azure Media Services needed. However, if needed the customer is responsible for the scaling of their Azure Media Services account.

  • Azure Media Services Streaming Units can be scaled by the customer in the Microsoft Azure management portal. This is done to increase the amount of dedicated bandwidth from the customers Azure Media Services account to the Azure CDN (Content Delivery Network, utilized for video distribution) in cases where a customer has large volumes of requests to many different video assets at the same time.

  • The maximum number of Live Channels on an Azure Media Services account can be increased from 4 simultaneous events to 20 simultaneous events. To increase the maximum number of simultaneous live broadcasts the customer has to submit a support ticket to Microsoft Azure Support, for more information on how to do this see Quotas and Limitations. If a customer increases the  maximum number of Live Channels the customer must inform the LiveArena Support team of this change in order to have more more simultaneous channels on LiveArena Broadcast enabled.

5.3 Monitoring and Incident response

LiveArena Broadcast is monitored for performance, availability and errors 24/7/365 using market-leading monitoring systems. Our dedicated Operations Team is always stand-by to respond to alerts and deviations.

Detailed information on LiveArena Broadcast service levels can be found in our Service Level Agreement.

6. Support & Customer Care

6.1 Customer Care

The LiveArena support center is open 365 days per year between 07:00 – 21:00 UTC. Live event production support is provided via e-mail (, LiveChat and TeamViewer. One-on-one Live event production support has to be booked at least 5 working days in advance of a live broadcast to guarantee availability. Book one-on-one Live event support by sending an e-mail to

Tutorials on how to use LiveArena Broadcast can be found in the LiveArena Broadcast management console or accessed directly at

6.2 Support Limitations

If a customer is using their own video production equipment LiveArena will have limited ability to provide Live event production support.