Get started with AI Producer.

It’s easy to create your first broadcast, follow these steps and you will soon be up and running.
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Step 1

Create a meeting in Microsoft Teams and add AI producer. This uses Microsoft Teams as the production platform for a presentation or a broadcast. 

  1. Schedule a meeting and send an invitation in Microsoft Teams.
  2. Edit the meeting and add AI Producer as a meeting extension app by clicking the plus (+) symbol.
  3. Select the AI Producer icon and Save.
  4. Proceed through the AI Producer settings to complete setting up a production.
  5. Click ‘Join’ to start the meeting.

Step 2

Start the meeting/broadcast. Follow the steps needed to perform an AI Producer presentation or broadcast.

  1.  Join the meeting from your Teams’ calendar prior to the scheduled start.
  2. Ensure your camera and microphone are enabled.
  3. Ensure the content you plan to share during the meeting is ready.
  4. Open the Control Room by clicking the AI producer symbol (icon) on the top of the screen.
  5. When you are ready to broadcast, click ‘Start broadcast.’

Check out our tutorials to learn about different setups.

In our tutorials, you will find detailed step-by-step guides on how to set up AI Producer or how to send your broadcast to various destinations such as Teams Meeting, Teams Webinar, Teams Live Event, or other external destinations.