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What can I produce with AI Producer?

Anything you wish to convey to an audience, for example, business presentations and financial reports, team briefings, educational, instructional, and introductory videos for customers or employees.

What are the benefits of using AI Producer?

Regardless of technical abilities in computers or video production, it allows anyone to engage viewers with a vivid, professional-grade broadcast alongside their compelling message and presentation. It’s super simple to create, share and view a broadcast by AI Producer.

What do I need to produce a broadcast with AI Producer?

A computer with an internal or external microphone, webcam, and internet connection.
You will also need a valid license for AI Producer and Microsoft Teams.

Can I create a broadcast with someone else?

Yes, the production formats’ Presentation’, ‘Talk Show,’ and ‘Panel Discussion’ facilitate a broadcast with more than one Presenter. AI Producer will seamlessly display each presenter depending on the chosen production mode.

Where can I view my broadcast?

The broadcast can be published on different external platforms of your choice, such as: Teams live event, Microsoft Stream, YouTube, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

How to connect an external camera to AI Producer?

On the page, Picture tips, you can read how to connect an external camera to AI Producer.

Can I use a Teams background when creating a broadcast with AI Producer?

Yes. You can use any Teams background when creating your broadcast.

Can I use a company logo and background to personalize my production?

Yes. This can be uploaded in the settings menu of AI Producer before starting the broadcast. You can add a company logo in the top right corner throughout the production, and a chosen image will be visible as a background when AI Producer alternates to side-by-side mode.

Does everyone participating in the production need to have a Teams username?

Yes. Due to limitations for Guests in a Teams meeting, a participant who is selected as a presenter will need a Teams username.

Does everyone who participates in an AI Producer production need to physically be at the same location?

No. If you have been invited to and are participating in the Teams meeting where AI Producer is active, you will be a part of the production no matter where you are.

Can the viewers communicate with the Presenter when viewing the broadcast?

Yes, if a production is broadcasted as a Teams Live Event, viewers can interact using the built-in chat. Similar integrations with other platforms will be made available shortly.

How long can a broadcast be?

As long as you like but consider the destination’s capabilities.

How often can I produce a broadcast with AI Producer?

As often as you wish.

Can AI Producer include an external video in my broadcast?

Yes. AI Producer automatically adds both video and audio content to the production. All you need to do is share a screen/window within the Teams meeting and include computer sound.

Do I own the rights to my broadcast?

Yes, as the creator, you own the exclusive rights to the broadcast. However, consider if the chosen destination platform restricts your ownership rights.

Can I choose to control when my computer content is shown in the production without letting AI Producer decide?

Yes, by moving your cursor over the shared content, you trigger AI Producer to show it.

Can I keep track of who watches a broadcast?

Some platforms allow you to see who has watched the broadcast. This is determined by the destination platform you have chosen to host the broadcast.