Picture tips

A better camera makes a difference. 

In general, what affects the quality of the picture is the resolution and the color range of your video camera. The built-in camera in your computer often works, but we suggest you try an external video camera if you want to step up. It can be a dedicated video camera or a digital SLR camera that usually also are very good at shooting videos.

Check the light

The most important is to ensure the lighting conditions are good. The more light you can add, the better. Low light gives a low-resolution, grainy image, and the only thing that helps is to increase the light. Some lenses and cameras can handle low light, but it always involves compromises. Strong light is a preference, and daylight is always good.

Position the camera at eye level

​Try to keep the camera at eye level. This is important with an external camera but also something to consider if you are using the camera on your computer. Eye-level is the preferable angle for the camera. No one likes to see themselves from below or above. It also gives the speaker a natural posture.

Add a camera

The internal camera of your computer has its limitations, and by adding an external video camera, your picture will look better. Its larger sensor delivers a better resolution that makes the picture sharper and a better color range that makes the picture more vivid.
A second camera gives AI Producer another angle of the presenter to work with and provides an interesting experience. The picture then can shift from, for instance, straight forward to a close-up from the side.
Another advantage with an external camera is that you can use different lenses to achieve interesting compositions – and a good zoom lens gives many options.

How to connect an external camera

To add an extra camera to your computer, you need a video camera with an HDMI or an SDI output.

If your computer can not connect directly to HDMI or SDI, you need a USB-capture card with the corresponding input that you connect to your computer.

If you connect an external microphone to the video camera, you at the same time improve the sound quality.

How to connect your camera in an AI Producer meeting

In Teams, select the external camera under “Device settings” – at the same time, you can also decide what sound source you are using.