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Automated broadcast production – for everyone

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the vision to democratize television production, LiveArena Technologies AB develops and provides services for automated live event productions, whether there are 5 or 5,000 viewers.

   We are a Microsoft partner software company basing our solutions on AI and cloud technologies, building them on a SaaS business model. 

Our headquarter lies in Stockholm, Sweden, and we are operating in a global market, mainly focusing on three segments: Corporate, Education and Health are three of the segments we are focusing on. We have customers ranging from multi-national corporations and organizations to small companies.

   Using our two services, LiveArena AI Producer and LiveArena Broadcast Room, it is possible to broadcast automated live events without needing camera staff or producers. 

Events that our services are suitable for are: Presentations, Talk Shows and Panel Discussions.

   Together with advanced algorithms, together with speech and text recognition and tracking features, our AI technology automatically alternates between several sources, as a host or presenter, guests, or a slideshow,* thus producing a professional and vivid event. 

Besides an internet connection and Microsoft Teams, depending on the chosen solution, no, or a minimum, equipment is needed.

   Handling is easy with ready-made formats, with the option to choose an advanced format for tailor-made broadcasting.

   We are confident that our solutions will be a game-changer, and we welcome you to the future of automated, professionally broadcasted live events.