The Story of AI Producer — and LiveArena

The Story of AI Producer — and LiveArena

LiveArena has a long heritage in Broadcasting and the TV-production industry.  

And we have been driven by a vision to democratize video production for many years. By learning from the needs of producing frequent live sports events, we developed, together with partners, a smart AI that could handle the total production. Without the need for producers and experts.

Until now, professional broadcasts or presentations have only been available to a few. The studio costs and the expertise needed to perform a professional broadcast or presentation have limited the access to most of us.

We realized that this could be available to everyone, and the vision took shape and evolved into AI Producer – where everyone can become a broadcaster. All you need is a computer, Microsoft Teams – and AI Producer.

Our core business

Our core business is to provide software for automated live broadcast productions. – by inventing solutions based on AI ​and cloud technologies.​

​We serve all markets that want to harness the power of digital engagements, including: Corporate, Public Sector, Education, and Health Care.​

​Our customers include small and large corporations and organizations worldwide.​​

Developed for Microsoft Teams

LiveArena is a Microsoft Partner. AI Producer is developed to be used together with Microsoft Teams – and a computer.

​​Our headquarters is located in Stockholm, Sweden, and our North American office is located in San Diego, Ca, USA.

Privacy Policy AI Producer

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