New exciting features released

We are continuously improving AI Producer and adding new features that will increase functionality and the user experience.

Here is a short summary of what is new in May 2022:

Rundown – a way to schedule your broadcast and combine different Preset production formats. The new feature Rundown is used to create Broadcasts consisting of multiple segments. Each segment can have its own Production Format, Presenter selection, Branding options and more. For all subscription plans except Personal and Small Business, Rundown templates can be created for Azure Directory Groups in the Admin Portal, and User Portal to be easily re-used in multiple Broadcasts.

Override AI gives you the option to manually control what the Broadcast will look like during an ongoing Production. Override AI can be used at any time during an ongoing Broadcast. When a Producer selects ‘Use AI’, the Broadcast will return to the previous Preset Production Format selected for the Broadcast or Rundown segment.

Verified in Microsoft Teams store. You’ve been able to buy AI Producer in Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Microsoft AppSource for a while. Now we are also available in Microsoft Teams store.